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bb kill

發表發表於: Tue Jan 24, 2006 12:10 am

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    廣告贊助 [隱藏]
    我同honey想去柏斯for wedding anniversary. 參加5天團後如stay, 有無地方推介?  個團巳包 king's park, swan river, Frmantle, Pinnacles Desert, Wave Rock.

    感謝指教. Laughing [b]
    P P

    發表發表於: Tue Jan 24, 2006 2:18 pm

    Yeap, Perth is a nice place, I love there very much, coz I was living in Perth for 4 years, As your existing tour schedule, the important/famous points that you will go, those are wonderful place, some are natural geographic scence, worth to go! Take more picture! here below are some of my idea may give you in consideration.

    1) Cottesloe Beach - go by train and get off in Cottesloe Beach Station, where is a beautiful beach, and nearby a green roof house, you could take release to enjoy a cup of coffee/latte in this cafe. Specially, you could go around 5:00p.m. - 7:00p.m. to see the sunset, amazing, egg yolk go down the sea, thousand birds fly back to the tress, singing~~~very noise, but it's very interesting, coz you could see the birds are in couple staying together, like a wife & husband. Sweet!

    2)Perth Zoo - is near Perth City, you can see some animals, likes Polar bear, gifaffe, hippo....etc, depends on you like with animals or not. (I forgot the entrance fee, may check from Perth Zoo website.)

    3) Perth City - for shopping, there are some larger brand dept store, e.g. Myer, Target, David Jones.

    4) Northbridge - near Perth City and walk by around 10 mins to go, actually, there is a small of China Town and some Pubs, you may find something to eat, suggest going some Vietnam style food that my favour, very yummy! its cost about AUS12/per person. Don't suggest to "yum Cha" that is not better than Hong Kong. By night time, you could take a beer, many pubs along the street. Enjoy the atmosphere, special in Friday night.

    5) Rottnest Island - it is a island, far away from Perth City about 40mins by ferry, if you like swim and diving, there is a good place. Even in shallow water, you could have chance to see a fish, its size should larger than a hand. Beautiful fish, prawns, coral etc! If you are lucky, may can see dolphines as well, Wowww~~~

    Further information provide you, if you want to join a daily tour, you could go to Perth City, there is a govenmental tour agent (near Post office), check the information, may ask them to suggest you where to go, the staff is very nice to help you for sure. Two activities I would like to recommend to go if you interested. (coz I joined them already, and a great experience with)
    a) Deep sea fishing, the cost is around AUS100, from 7:00a.m. to 3:00p.m., go to sea for fishing a huge fish, I had ever fished a BIG FISH, that I never see that Big, around 4 meter longer, AMAZING. If can, you can pack the fish back to HK, is it trouble? If luckily, can fish "tuna" fish as well.

    b) Whale watching, the cost is around AUS50 for around 2 hours, go to sea to look for a whale, the largest animals in the world, some tour will guarantee you could see, but some are not, be aware that! My experience was that I could see a Whale jumping, it stands on the sea in 1-2 second, very fast movement, believe it is not easy chance to see this pose. See if you are lucky!

    Vist the below website, may find something help,

    Be careful, it is very hot in Feb, may over 40'C. Even no sun appears, you have to take a thicken sun cream and wear sun glasses/cap. Don't worry, that hot is not easy to get you sweat. Enjoy your days in Perth. Very Happy

    Ask me if you have further problems, I'd love to help you! Wink
    bb kill

    發表發表於: Thu Feb 09, 2006 2:34 pm

    Thanks PP! You are so great to give me so many informatiive directions!!!

    Finally I booked the package via CX holiday. I will stay in Perth for 4 days and then go to Ayers Rock/ King's Canyon/ Alice Spring for another 4 days and back for Perh for one day stop before flying back HKG. I also booked the local tour in Ayers Rock already. Now I just need to plan my 4-day trip in Perth City.

    Cottesloe Beach sounds really nice. I may give up Wave Rock as I will see lot of rocks in Northern Territories later on, but I am still considering if I must go to Pinnacles. What do you think? Fremantle is a must go stop to me that I will spend whole day there.
    P P

    發表發表於: Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:26 pm

    Hello, nice to hear your updated schedule!

    yiii...you booked in via CX holiday, could you tell me how much you have to spend? You will go Ayers Rock by domestic plane, or by train?

    Ayers Rock! Woww, you should take the right choice, there is a precious place. A huge rock, which may be the largest rock in the world ??? (I'm not sure, may the second largest) The color of rock is chaning difference in difference time. The important thing is that you could see thousands of stars in the sky when staying in Ayers Rock as per my friend advised. (regret I have never been there, but still wanna go~~). Laughing

    Wave Rock, right I agree to give up if you're in tigher schedule. For my and around friends' opinion, there is not really worth to go, coz the distance is quite far, should be around 4-5 hours by coarch in one way, also no special thing to see along that way (East part of WA).

    Pinnacles, I have ever been there over 4 times. Every time, I would take my friends/family to go there when they visit me in Perth. I think you could go there if you never been to any desert before. The color of sand is dark yellow. Quite interesting!

    Fremantle, it's certainly a MUST GO place, be aware that the market is open during weekend (you could buy some fresh fruits/ some interesting artwork/gift.....etc). And, suggest going near the coast, there is some outdoor cafe shop, very relaxing to try "Fish n Chip", take a drink, see some yacht in the sea, some seagull flying and waiting your food greedy. (but don't feed the seagull) Really comfortable & relax your mind. I like to go there as well.
    Hope you have a nice trip!
    bb kill

    發表發表於: Fri Feb 10, 2006 10:40 am

    Hi PP,

    My CX 5D3N package costs $4599 each, extra night at $547 each. If I join HK tour (also 5D3N), price is $4999 plus $1500 sur-charge for stay and $6XX for tips. It is far unreasonable so I took CX package.

    Do you know what's the weather in Perth in late Feb, aruond 30C ? and Red Center, 35-40C ?

    I will go to Ayers Rock by domestic flight (Qantas Domestic Red e-deals A$160) and back from Alice Spring also by flight (A$169). I don't know why each price rose to A$250 two weeks after I bought. I am so lucky. My ATT Kings 4-day package there is A$620 (include each transfer, accomodations and 1 day tour at King's Canyon).

    I haved my hotel to show me the way to Pinnacles but they said they will give me the tour info when I arrive. Is it the only way to there? How did you go with your friends?

    I am a little worry of the dining. My guide book shows the dishes look very tiny (fushion kind) and expensive. I thnk magazine won't introduce localized and cheap food.

    P P

    發表發表於: Mon Feb 13, 2006 10:54 pm

    Very Happy Alice, thanks for sharing your CX package information. The package are quite reasonable price, sound good~~

    The weather in Perth should be around 35'C, you'd better to check some website of forecast Perth weather before you go. Don't forget to bring some suncream or skin protect items Cool . The middle part of Australia - Alice Spring, its temperature should be higher/dryer. be careful of UV index is very very high(around 11 as I checked today). (FYI - that's why many Australian got skin cancer every year....)

    That's right, if you go to Pinnacles, you have to join the daily local tour from hotel/backpackers, coz it's quite far away from Perth city, should be around 4 hours (one way). For my past experience, most of the times we joined the local tour as well. Just self-driving with my friends for twice times, but I don't suggest it for your case. It is because you have to pay more insurance once hire a car if you drive outside of Perth. I think no better way than to join the daily tour, the tour guide+driver = 1 person, who is very nice to introduce more to you along the way.

    For dining, if you stay in Perth City, you could go to Northbridge (as I mention before, walk around 10 mins), you could choose many difference kind of foods (e.g. localized/western/chinese/vietnam/Thai/indonesia etc). Honestly, the price is not really expensive(at least lower than US I think). The price level is slightly higher than HK(when the currency rate is now 5.7-5.80 ). Cheap food? I have no idea any cheap food, let's say an example of Mc Dxxxxd, a meal is around AUS$6. The general dish volume is ok if for lady. I'd never felt the dish is smaller than my expectation, that's enough, if for man, it depends what shop or what he expects/need. Don't worry too much.

    One more tips - there is night shopping in Perth City on Friday, the shopping center will be closed till 9:00p.m. Except of Friday, the shopping center in Perth City will be closed around 5 - 6p.m. that is very quiet and not too much people walking on the street.

    Ah.... when you come back, I'd would like to hear your comments of Ayers Rock. I am thinking to go there by my next trip in Perth. Laughing
    bb kill

    發表發表於: Mon Mar 06, 2006 10:51 pm

    hello PP,

    I am back!!! Perth is really a nice place, and......Ayers Rock is a MUST GO place in your lifem but you'd better stay there for 2-3 days for different tours. Also, Kings Canyon, a place on the route after Ayers Rock is beatiful too! Alice Spring is optional.

    I only had 1day each for those 3 places, of 5-7 hrs on bus between each destination. We left Kings Canyon at 1:30pm and arrived Alice Spring at 8:00pm, then left Alice Spring at 10am next day. I even never walk to the opposite street of my resort so I cannot tell what Alice Spring is. My impression is it's scene is not special.

    I can email you some beautiful pics if you like.

    p.s. Perth is beautiful esp when looking down from the King's Park with bike.
    P P

    發表發表於: Wed Mar 08, 2006 12:12 pm

    Hi, Welcome back! Very Happy

    Nice to hear your positive comment in Perth and Ayer Rock!

    Yes, sure....I am eager to admire your picture, my email address is sent to you PN, please check. Many thanks!
    bb kill

    發表發表於: Wed Mar 08, 2006 2:53 pm

    hello PP

    I can't see your email....don't know what's PN. You could send me a mail to alicehung0318@yahoo.com.hk. I will email you the photos..hee.

    Do you know why there are so many flies in Australia esp in Central part? Places are so clean... Rolling Eyes
    P P

    發表發表於: Tue Mar 14, 2006 1:38 pm

    Hello bb kill,

    Nice to see your photo thr my email. Many thanks! The view is great, I love to see that geographic rock, very natural and valuable.

    Yes, I suffered the situtation that many many flies around me during summer time. Know why? Do you know 3 famous things in Australia? (1) fly (2) fat guy (3) drunken guy. These three things are well-known and the feature in Aus. Per heard (but not very sure), the mating season for flies are very peak during summer, as the dry condition. The special feature of flies' in Aus is that Big & Slow. You can easy to hit or catch them by hand, of course, I did too.... heheeee... sometimes, the flies will fly into one's nose or mouth, very stupid!!!! I hate it very much! Sad

    P.S. sorry my typing mistake, I had sent you my email address by PM 私人訊息 (not PN).

    Please share with me if any nice pix! thx!