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廣告贊助 [隱藏]
Hey ladies our thread is lost (after 2.5 years)!! Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil
Are you still here?

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Hi Stephy,
thanks for reopening it! Smile so we can share in there again!

have u save those useful inform in the 1st thread?
the all steps and the forms that need to do after arrive US?
I haven't save it b4, any one can post it agian ?

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我23號寄出o左第二封信去領事館, 不過到今日都未收到信叫我interview....係咪thanksgiving後...佢地做野冇咁快呀??? Razz

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無返黎一陣,連個post都無埋 Surprised Surprised

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OK I am reposting the info I've copied from here and there.
however, read them as ref only as they are not 100% accurate anymore.

Below is the very first post, by Vickykalo, in May 2007. Note that we no longer pay for I-765 and I-131 separately. Fees are included when you file I485 adjust status, and an excuse for them to grab 1010USD from us.
IMPORTANT: KEEP a set of COPY for all forms/Document with yourself. file them neatly. you may need to refer back from time to time.

below are from my personal experience, which dont bear any liability on any of your procedures. FYI only~

once you arrive the states, you have to get marry within 90 days. go to City Hall and register.. easy!

with the marriage certificate, you need to apply:
1) I-485 Adjustment of Status - AOS (to adjust your status from Fiancee to Residence)
2) I-765 Employment Authorization Document - EAD (a work permit to allow you to work during the period of the Adjust of Status)
3) I-131 Reentry Permit (a travel permit to allow you travel)
remarks: Without 2) & 3), you are not allowed to WORK or Travel legally during the period of Adjustment of Status. if you want to save $, ignore these 2 forms.
4) Social Security Card you may need it if you work here.

I-485 Adjustment of Status: there are certain things to be submitted which are similar to what you have done in HK. PAY ATTENTION on:
- Original Birth Certificate is required. carry the original with you when interview.. they may check.
- USCIS requires a I-94 form, ie the little white card stapled with your passport when you arrive the states. your A# is written at the back.
- Notice of Action (the receipt from USCIS on your case, which hubby filed for you)
- medical & Vaccination records: HK embassy will pass you back 2 brown envelope after your HK interview, hand carry with you when you fly to the states. the US Airport immigration officer may only take the small one (big one is the Chest x-ray. keep it in a safe place and bring along with you for the green card interview in the states). If you do have Vaccination Shots done by HK Embassy authorized Doctor, do ask him for a copy of the vaccination forms I-693, attach it with I-485 when you mail it out.
otherwise, you need to do all vaccination in the states again. Or you can submit the universal vaccination record card if available.

I-765 Employment Authorization Document: Green card usually can be approved within 3 months (not apply to all, mine and my friend's work out like that). Expiry date of the EAD is based on the date shown on your Fiancee Visa. therefore, you may not able to work long unless you renew your EAD again. that requires another application fee.

I-131 Reentry Permit: Plan not going to HK that soon, say within 4 months. Coz you can fly back with your Green card (assume 3 months+ processing time) afterall. why need to pay extra. also, it takes ages (case by case) to process this Permit. moneywise, let's wait for the green card. but if you really need this Reentry Permit incase.. apply it.

Social Security Card SS Card: Take either Green card or EAD card + your passport to apply. around 10-3weeks days are needed. SS Card is something like our MPF; but SS is more like a member account which operates by the Government.. sth like that. i am still figuring out. haha

TIPS: Form 1-3 mentioned above required your Passport photos. try to DIY your own photos at home. coz it's so expensive taking these passport photos here, US$11-15 for 2 only. if you can DIY from 4R: digital camera at home, print it in Photos print shop.. US$1 for few copies lu. usually 2 or 3 photos are needed for a form.

if u have anything unclear, dont hesitate to call the US enquiry hotline. Those officers are helpful. Tell them your situation clearly. All you need is to fill out the correct forms, each form carries a fee.



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1. 先申請SSN, 即社會安全卡, 用你的I-94和護照就可以;
2. 申請結婚, 先得到marriage license, 婚禮後將有judge或牧師簽字的marriage license送回你領的地方,他們會將正式的marriage centificate寄給你;
3. 申請綠卡,可以直接從INS的網站上申請表格,I-485(申請調整身份), I-693(體檢表, 不過如果你在入境1年內,不用再體檢),I-765(申請工卡, 即EAD),I-864(經濟擔保書, 由你的GG來填), 然後可以寄或親自送到當地移民局.
4. 一般2個星期左右會收到移民局通知領工卡.有的地區快.不過兩個星期能收到通知領工卡的是少數.你要做好等三個月領不到工卡然後到INS上門要的準備.
5.你結婚後如果想改名的話就可以去改SSN的名字.拿你原來的SSN卡,護照,結婚證就可以了.  拿到工卡後,SSN也無法改為可以工作的.你可以拿SSN和工卡一起使.拿到綠卡後才可以更換可以工作的SSN.
6. 然後你就可以想幹啥就幹啥, 工作或讀書, 有些地方社區大學並沒有居住限制(像我所在的州),你可以以當地學生身份讀書.
7. 據說移民局臨時綠卡的審查期延長, 以前半年之內可以收到AOS面試通知, 通過就可以拿綠卡.
8. 申請駕照.有的州有護照,SSN就可以申請駕照,有的州比較嚴,如果I-94過期就要等工卡才能申請駕照了.


Age - Birth certificate出生證明
ID - Passport護照
Lawful work authorized alien status - unexpired I-94 showing entry as K-1 未過期的I94卡
Form SS-5 填寫SS-5表(社安局會提供)。

從2002年7月起,社安局必須與INS聯系,證實外籍申請人的身份後才能發放SSN。由于INS經常不能按時把新入境的申請人的資料輸入電腦(可能長達 一個月或以上),而社安局只接受未過期的94卡(具體一點,是在簽證過期前的14天以內),所以對K1來說是入境後的76天內,而且如果INS的確定返回 社安局是在76天後,社安局仍然不會發號。因此K1是越早申請SSN越好,可以一下飛機就直奔社安局了。


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SSN去到米國後唔好即刻去申請,大約等兩個星期先,因為要等o的入境資料入左落個 system 度,等 ssn o的人睇到先!你知呢度o的人做野都係也也鳥,o係個 system 見你唔到就話無資格申請!但係又唔好等到 k-1 expired 前幾個星期申請,因為就黎 expired o既 k-1 佢地又唔接納個喎!

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咁係咪可以以未婚妻的身份申請我過去架 ?
過左去註冊之後係咪一定要留係果度半年到先可以走得架 ?

你係可以申請 fiancee visa去美國結婚, 其實呢個先係正規既途徑~
如果成功申請 , 入境後 90日內要同你男友註冊, 然後就要遞表申請轉身份架喇!
無錯 , 係要留係美國直到green card 到手, 先可以出境 !
當然有緊要事要出境, 一樣可以申請出境准許啦~
不過免得過 , 最好都係等到張 green card先囉!

我諗你都知 fiancee visa 係移民簽證, 所以申請程序會好多, 時間又會長 d (好似一般係9~12 個月), 好難肯定批唔批添 .....但佢先係先係打算同美國公民結婚正規既途徑.....
而tourism visa 黎美國, 本身係唔應該有長居美國既意圖 ... 如果想用tourism visa 入境結婚, 最好係海關過關時 , 唔好提及係黎美國結婚, 甚至要令個海關人員相信你係黎旅行, 係會返香港 (絕對須要回程機票 )! 唔係會懷疑你意圖非法居留, 而拒絕你入境! 但另一方面美國又好得意 , 美國係准許遊客係美國結婚註冊既, 即使一個係遊客一個係公民.... 你同公民註左冊 , 想係美國居住 , 佢又俾你申請喎... 只要show到你地段關係係真實、有誠意 , 個官又係會批green card 俾你....

當我睇完d 資料 , 見到 fiancee visa 真係幾麻煩, 我地係唔想分隔兩地至決定結婚 , 等個visa 仲要咁耐, 又未有實際計劃 , 又驚我唔習慣美國生活.... 所以我未婚夫(依家既老公 )提出我先過美國旅行長住一段時間, 當實地視察環境, 因為拎 tourism visa 可以係美國逗留半年... 同埋佢覺得註冊既事, 可以睇我住落美國, 覺得合適先決定都唔遲 , 而且我香港份工又唔係咩好工, 大不了都係返香港再搵過份...
我衡量過咁都 ok, 先辭左份工 , 跟老公過黎再作打算... 黎到聽到係呢邊註冊再轉身份搞green card 真係係好常見 , 只要係真結婚多數都批 , 係差時間長短... 咁我地覺得遲早都係結, 快快註冊可以早 d搞手續, 批左green card 我係呢邊生活就無咁多限制 , 可以自由出入 , 學車考牌, 讀書, 搵工咩都得 .....
其實拎tourism visa 定 fiancee visa 都有取捨同風險! 邊樣好 , 點都係睇你自個人覺得如何? 我自己就以方便同唔需要再分開為大前提, 揀左呢個方法囉 ..... 講左咁多 , 發覺我根本講唔上係俾建議, 只係分享我當初係點決擇

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(Msg posted in Jan 07 by Raindrops):

6 月中: tourism visa 入境
7 月中: 係San Frans. City Hall 註冊, 為免錯漏、等候時間更耐, 即日搵埋移民consultant 搞居留, 準備定所有文件, 包括驗身...
7 月尾: 補返copy of marriage cert 同驗身報告俾consultant 寄出application
8 月頭: 收到移民局 receipt notice
8 月中: 收到 tenprint appointment notice(8 月尾去)
9 月中: 收到 interview appointment notice(10 月中見)
10 月中: 見完移民官, 當日佢就話批左我個application, 但仲要等背景調查, 2 個星期內會通知結果, 無問題1 個月內先會發permanent resident card
10 月23 日: 收到approval notice, 話3 weeks 內會寄card 俾我
10 月尾: 唔夠一星期就收到既有條件green card, 2 年有效要renew 既
11 月頭: 收到工作許可證 ( 但我已經收到green card, 呢張野已經係多餘lu)

我個case 係有別於正常既, 正常係唔會咁快有得去見移民官, 應該係要半年或更耐, 連個官都話我快! 你可以作為參考囉.

而要填既表, 我記得有:
1. Petition for Alien Relative (I-130 form) 由你老公同你提出申請
2. Application To Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status (I-485 form) 你係美國調高身份同申請green card
3. Affidavit of Support (I-864 form) 經濟擔保書 ( 可以由你老公擔保你, 除非你老公無能力)
4. Application for Employment Authorization (I-765 form) 申請green card 期間, 如果想搵野做就要申請工作許可證( 當然唔係必須, 不過申請時間可能長達一年, 咩都唔做得, 悶都都悶死!)
我就唔想節外生枝, 又要自己慢慢睇填咩表, 就俾左US$200 請人幫我搞...
其實上面所有form 全部可以係www.uscis.gov 到download, 自己一步步申請.

身體檢查係必須! 要由去合資格診所做, 份報告係封實唔可以自己拆, 直接遞交俾移民局... 當時我係去移民顧問介紹既診所, 其實好簡單都講唔上係咩檢查... 只不過係咁易問左我身高、體重 ( 無錯係口頭咋, 無理由呢D 都要作既 ), 之後就抽血同埋打預防針囉... 記住係要俾針咭醫生睇你打過咩針, 佢會copy 一份放入份report... 我之前有打過德國麻疹, 仲test 過仍然有抗體, 但個醫生話太耐之前打, 係要我補打一次! 最後我同一日俾人吉3 次針, 德國麻疹、三合一混合針( 白喉、破傷風、百日咳)2 支預防針同埋抽血果次! 好在我已經出左水豆, 唔係中要打多支呀 呀... 仲有支混合針係種菌, 要返去俾醫生睇傷口, 如果好腫係要照肺片架! 我就有輕微腫, 個醫生話可照可唔照, 我無照呀! 佢話十個8 個都會腫, 腫即係代表帶菌喎!

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以下是我 (Vickykalo) 申請 K1 Visa 的日程 :.....
barely recalled for some procedures, but it should be looked like this..
人老了. 記憶力ooops..

05 dec - bf (hubby now) filed the FIANCEE DOC for me
06 feb - he was notified and required me to fill out some forms returning back to the US immigration.
06 may - HK embassy needed me to fill out whole bunch of forms (some usual VISA application forms). and required AGAIN, the financial supports from bf too. so, forms were mailing back and forth.
06 aug - i received a letter asking for an interview at the HK Embassy. before the interview, i was instructed to take medical exam, apply for 良民証, pay HK$800 visa fee.. etc
06 sept - interview was made. and my FIANCEE VISA was approval right away, the VISA only valid for 6 mos. and they cancelled my 10 years Tourist VISA too. well.. that means i gotta leave within 6 mos. otherwise i wud loose the chance.
07 jan - HK wedding banquet, i worked it out with friends and family. no bf.. it's sad, but no choice.
07 feb - SF wedding banquet, worked it out with 99 and sister-in-law, which was alright. Things turned out great!
07 march - all FORMS sent out (we got our marriage registration done in mid-jan, ie the 2nd day after my arrival to the states and IT'S MY HUBBY'S BDAY TOO.
07 may - mid-may, interview done smoothly and casually. the officer said my green card cud be done within 2 weeks. (somehow, it's already the 3rd week.. still nothing.. anyway, at least i know it's on its way.. and i dont need to bother with those forms luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)

i can apply for a Citizenship after 3 years.... ie another process for us to go thruuuuuuuuuuuuu~