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廣告贊助 [隱藏]
hihi all sisters,

I've just married in St Laguna Chapel (Guam) in mid Nov 2007, just have time to share my feedback to u. It's really an unforgettable experience for me, my husband & even my guests!

Highly recommended! Laughing Laughing Laughing

Background info:
- HK Agent: Century Tour – Lawrence (very professional & helpful, 100% trust)
- Chapel Operator in Guam: World Bridal (very professional though some minor improvement needed)
- Local Tour agent: GIT Tour (nice & helpful guide, though we didn’t join any local tour, but airport-hotel transportation only)

A. Wedding Ceremony in St Laguna Chapel:
1. The chapel:
- It's really grateful for us to book this gorgeous chapel (actually, most of the chapels in Guam are very nice). When we show our photos to friends (taken by us), they are very envy on us, haha.

The ceremony does not have candle lighting in the end of the ceremony.

2. Ceremony Co-ordinator, World Bridal staff & prister:
- All are very nice & professional.

- Our HK agent already reminds us there are some parties involved in St Laguna Chapel & they have conflicts. But finally we still choose this chapel. Upon our arrival, unlike other sisters mentioned, World Bridal didn't have staff to greet us or brief us the wedding flow, only we go to their office (located on the left side of the main entrance of the hotel) to contact them. But once we arrive at their office, the whole process was running very smooth & professional. I've feedbacked this to our HK agent for improvement.

3. Make-up
- I didn't bring any make-up photo to Guam for reference, but my basic preference is simple one, not too much make-up.

- My husband & I really like the Japanese make-up stylist, she is very professional & gave me exactly what I want. Good! (even though my guest said the make-up is quite plain, but I like it!)

- Suggest you to ask the make-up stylist to 梳齊 d 髮尾, strong wind in Guam will really ruin your photos.

- They have some plastic white flower for your hair, but u can bring your own hair accessories or fresh flower.

4. 花球
Their 花球 is very nice, fresh 鷄蛋花, so no need to bring your own 花球. That is very local Guam flower. After the wedding, we buy some gifts related to 鷄蛋花, nice.

5. Music:
- nice music & good PA system, impressive (they play CD, not live piano nor live singer);

6. DVD cam / video shooting:
- I read from ESD life forum that we better ask for one more DVD cam to create film-like video, but I didn't ask for this. When I receive my DVD tape, I am surprised to see the film-like scene from the video, this chapel has installed 3-4 cams in different angles: 2 x on the stage (both sides), 1 x on the ceiling to show the spectacular view of chapel (showing the stage, the couple & audience) & 1 x portable cam.

- The video-taker only shoot the scene before the wedding till the end of it (inside & outside the chapel), but not on the beach.

B. Memorable Stuff:
1. DVD tape:
- The DVD video tape is ready within 1-2 days after the ceremony.

- In HK, I viewed the 片頭 of video sample from other wedding agents, and I didn't like the "飛圖" Karaoke mood of those samples. But I didn't have that feeling for the one provided by this chapel, they show mainly on the chapel instead of the sight-seeing scene of Guam. good!

- The video tape resolution seems not very high, so pls don't expect u can use the tape to broadcast in your banquet (if u have such planning).

2. Wedding Photo CD:
- Photo CD is ready around 3 weeks after our wedding, I've taken it from my HK agent.

- I didn't add extra photos (just 90 pcs in my package, but I receive around 130 photos finally). The quality of the photos are very very good, in terms of the way capturing the good facial angle of mine (kawaii ka le), varieties of scene, film-like shotting angle, etc. 100% satisfied!

- The wedding photo is taken by a Japanese photographer, he can speak a few English, but he is very nice.

- Suggest to have your wedding or photo-taking before 3pm, I find the brightness of the sky is not good when compared the strong sun-shine in the morning till 3-4pm in Nov, thus the quality of your photos. But if you are looking for sun-set photos, pls go ahead to book your wedding after 4pm.

- The photo scene, angle & posts are quite standard one, but you can make your request if it's reasonable. For us, we believe the quantities (90 pcs) & the scene are enough, so we didn't ask for extra shooting in other locations.

- Remember ask your husband to bring a digital-cam with him, he is the only one allowed to sit inside the bride room / saloon while the make-up stylist is helping you for make-up & hair-styling. Ask your husband to take the making-of / snapshot of your make-up process. It's very nice (note: the photographer starts taking photos starting from the rehearsal time). I like the songs of the CD they were playing inside the bride-room, and atmosphere is relaxing.

- In Guam, I didn't see any photo-taking crew nor freelancer, so sorry that I could not provide further info to you if u consider to order extra photo-taking after the wedding.

C. Others:
1. BBQ buffet:
- Basically, most of the hotels offer BBQ buffet (raw food) at about US$55 per head. Century Tour provides us a buy-one, get-one free BBQ buffet in Hilton, & the food is cooked by their chef & we ate lots of seafood, nice.

2. Average spending per meal
- Around US20-25 per head, but some Japanese / Korean restaurants charge around US10 per head, which are located around Westin Hotel (i.e. near Galleria).

3. Hotel
- We stay in PIC, which is not new, but their water sports are very nice. We swam every night and enjoy the varieties of sports activities (FREE), e.g. snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, etc. So, if you choose this hotel, you can consider to book Gold pass (covering 3 meals per day for different themed restaurants), coz it’s quite expensive to dine outside.

- Sheraton Hotel, though a bit far away, is very new and a good choice.

Hope this help u.


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sounds yr wedding trip is so nice and I really wanna have a look on Laguna chapel!!!

don't you mind to share with me?? Thx!

發表發表於: Sun Dec 16, 2007 2:06 am

想問問St Laguna Chapel 係咪真係無琴同埋真人演唱架?是chapel本身沒有提供, 還是agent做不到呢?

還想問問, 係係咪住PIC呀, 有冇做到early check-in呀

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Sound Great !

nice wedding! 341-445(U know)

Pls send some pics to me

Porkchop Wink

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emily1021 寫到:
sounds yr wedding trip is so nice and I really wanna have a look on Laguna chapel!!!

don't you mind to share with me?? Thx!

Dear Emily,

Laughing welcome to share my chapel wedding photos with you, pls PM me your email, I can forward you the photos (for private use only).


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小熊肥肥 寫到:
想問問St Laguna Chapel 係咪真係無琴同埋真人演唱架?是chapel本身沒有提供, 還是agent做不到呢?

還想問問, 係係咪住PIC呀, 有冇做到early check-in呀

Dear 小熊肥肥,

yes, St Laguna Chapel 本身沒有提供真人獻唱、風琴或鋼琴演奏, 亦沒有禮成後的燃點 candle 儀式; 只有 background music 播放, 但sound quality 十分好!

對我而言, 我從香港的 wedding agents 看行禮 sample video, 當我看到個鏡頭 pend 過去一個穿上夏威夷衫的高音手, 我忍不住笑 (雖然我這樣說, 真冇禮貌, sorry Embarassed ), 我真不想自己在這個莊嚴時刻失禮, 故當知道 St Laguna Chapel 沒有真人獻唱, 我欣然接受, 也不介意.

若你很著重真人獻唱、風琴或鋼琴演奏等, 那你可以考慮其他 chapels la, 最好向你的 agent check 清楚. Wink

另外, 我們入住 PIC. 由於我們沒有做 official wedding certificate, 故在到步當日的下午在 St Laguna Chapel 行禮, 所以 extra 付 HK$450/room (這樣才100% guarantee early check-in, 不要信有 d agents 的模稜兩可答覆). 可以 early check-in, 便在 hotel 吃完早餐, 上房沖涼、做水份 mask 及小睡後便行禮了!

若你到步後會 join local tour (package 已包) 及搞official wedding certificate, 其實未必要 early check-in (若不要 extra 比錢, 而agent 又 confirm early check-in, 當然不好浪費啦!) 故你要衡量自己的實際需要!


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Porkchop 寫到:

Sound Great !

nice wedding! 341-445(U know)

Pls send some pics to me

Porkchop Wink

Wah haha, Porkchop,

Sure la, I remember you!

I've forwarded our wedding photos to u la, pls check ur email.

If you can't receive it, pls PM me again your email, thanks.

btw, thanks again for your hospitality in Guam. Laughing


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Dear Maozit,

噢, 原來 st. laguna chapel, 本身沒有provide 真係演唱架, 真係太浪費啦, 間chapel咁靚.....我曾經住過PIC, 在房望落去間chapel真係好靚.....

early-in呢個問題, 真係要解決下, 我都係純粹俾d家人休息下, 始終老人家, 經過通宵機, 唔夠訓, 好大獲的....

Anyway, thanks for your help.

發表發表於: Tue Dec 18, 2007 1:44 pm

Congratulations 呀!

妳好details呀! 多謝你嘅share. 我12月13日喺CRYSTAL CHAPEL行咗禮啦! 好掛住關島呀!

Anyway, 大家新婚快樂!

發表發表於: Tue Dec 18, 2007 3:43 pm

Dear Maozit & 麥兜太太 ,

Congratulations !!

i hv my wedding in St. probus holy chapel by this june as well !
agree that Guam is a romantic & sweet place to hold wedding.

can you 2 share the photos with me ?