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  主題: Lunch buffet at 海洋公園
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 主題公園婚禮   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:48 am   主題:
[quote:5c72c7fb8f="BonnieCP"][quote:5c72c7fb8f="Cat fans"][quote:5c72c7fb8f="BonnieCP"]Cat Fans, Just to tell you, my big project has finished smoothly with great help from 太陽伯伯 :P All the guests seem quite enjoyed the day (I hope so) the lunch finished rather early and most of the guests left before 3pm, and we took really lots of photos~~ shall PM you later when i got them :P BonnieCP[/quote:5c72c7fb8f] :P Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! So happy to hear that! I m looking forward to seeing your photos! Pls do send to me. So how do u feel now? Any funny things happen? Cat fans[/quote:5c72c7fb8f] Haven't got the photos yet, but my hubby's frd posted some photos on her blog. check PM la~ :)P everything was under our control, except one little incident... ai... i shall PM you the details as I am afraid my relatives may check here, haha~~ the biggest change is i hv to 改口 from 男朋友 to 老公, very unused to this now.[/quote:5c72c7fb8f] thanks for sharing ~
  主題: 小白鷺餐廳的中式酒席味道好唔好呢?
Shuk Shuk

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[quote:02c8730b4f="phoebe123"]小白鷺餐廳的中式酒席味道好唔好呢??[/quote:02c8730b4f] 幾好食
  主題: 想返大陸買燈
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 裝修佈置   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:46 am   主題:
[quote:d495582e0d="MANSON630"]有冇朋友返過大陸又平又靚架? 有冇鋪頭名呀同地企呀? 如果買水晶燈係咪要成日抹架? 唔該 :D[/quote:d495582e0d] 田背四路好多
  主題: 真係好開心個cf幫到 Mickey 完成新居,睇見幅牆同廳燈都好襯
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 裝修佈置   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:46 am   主題:
[quote:da4d152432="piano1234"]好開心可以晌過年前入伙^^ 得28日時間個師傳同我全屋反轉整,勁! ↓全屋design都係個師父幫我地諗架 我最鐘意個走廊,燈糟上面係個閣仔,可以放好多好多野 [img:da4d152432]http://www2.hkedcity.net/citizen_files/aa/vq/po4261/myresources/200802/460628/2.JPG[/img:da4d152432][/quote:da4d152432] 吾錯的設計bor
  主題: 有冇ching返深圳買大門、房門?
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 裝修佈置   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:45 am   主題:
[quote:ba39e0952e="CandyPo"]新居要買1 set大門連門框及3 set房門連門框, 諗緊好唔好返深圳買, 有冇ching有好介紹?[/quote:ba39e0952e] no idea
  主題: 旺角搵到間好好美容院,最緊要佢地唔hard sell
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 扮靚
   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:44 am   主題:
[quote:8b8f0b390f="bigbig1101"][size=18:8b8f0b390f]介紹間美容院佢地係旺角樓上鋪,佢地好用心,針清得好乾淨和仔細。最緊要佢地唔hard sell,我好怕D美容院不停sell野。新客第一次有半價優惠/$ 380 可以任選3項服務,包括眼,面部護理,減肥,因為用心做美容院已經非常少,好想介紹給你地,等你地唔好比人呃,有興趣pm我,我比d資料你[/size:8b8f0b390f][color=blue:8b8f0b390f][/color:8b8f0b390f][/quote:8b8f0b390f] pls pm me , thanks ~
  主題: 想打BOTOX瘦面.....
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 扮靚
   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:43 am   主題:
[quote:7b29f078e3="豆苗"]想打BOTOX瘦面 有冇姐妹打過有好既介紹丫? 萬分感謝!![/quote:7b29f078e3] i also want to know ~
  主題: 旺角上樓做facial又平又好
Shuk Shuk

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   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:43 am   主題:
[quote:927fd02520="yuyu702319"]最近半年,可能因為結婚關系,個人變得特別緊張,個面因壓力問題出哂暗瘡,初先都唔知點好,用鬫n多護膚品同試鬫n多間美容院都攪唔好 跟著好彩在esdlife問下囍悀肭O,有個好心人話我聽,旺角有間上樓美容院做得好好,因為佢之前都同我一樣,同病相連,跟住我就上去試下 初先我都好無信心再去美容院試,一來驚無效,二來又驚狂比人sell,點知個度欓容師手勢好好,做髐T四次,已經幫我攪好禶t瘡,結婚前已經連印都無哂,我件婚紗係大露背,所以做埋個背部護理,勁白勁正,我悁n開心,價錢又唔貴,又幫到我,在此我真係好多謝幫過我的人[/quote:927fd02520] pls pm me thanks!
  主題: 有冇JM去日本行禮而又打算自己BOOK野, 唔經AGENT?
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 海外註冊/中港婚姻
   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:42 am   主題:
[quote:d625fd32eb="哥記"]我同男朋友決定左明年秋葉時左去北海道行禮, 但上網睇左好多AGENT :roll: , 其實都只得4,5間CHAPEL揀, 而我又唔係咁鍾意, 所以想自己BOOK, 希望係呢度睇下有冇人有經驗可以SHARE下, 我仲會同親朋好友一齊去, 大約30人. :oops: 如果有任何意見都請多多SHARE, 我想知多D. THANKS各位[/quote:d625fd32eb] 我打算遅d補去
  主題: My Perfect Guam Wedding - Sharing
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 海外註冊/中港婚姻
   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:41 am   主題:
[quote:433e166f87="lyuen"][color=red:433e166f87][b:433e166f87]I joined the Continental Holiday package for Wedding in St Laguna Chapel from 23/4 to 26/4 (4 days 2 nights). I have 11 family members go with us. Guam is really a nice place for wedding. Here's some tips for you if u are considering to have wedding in Guam.[/b:433e166f87][/color:433e166f87] [b:433e166f87]1) Package: [/b:433e166f87] - My package $40544 include PIC Superior Room Plus with breakfast, transfer to and from airport, 3 hours local tour, use of chapel, Japanese makeup for bride, hairset for bride and groom, fresh flower bouquet, minister, legal wedding, Flower shower, fresh flower headpiece, bistro dinner for two, 90 photos, video (No wedding gown and suits) - Upgrade: -$100 for each package, 3 breakfast for ALL of us, early check in at 6am, one show dinner for ALL, free Spa for couple, Upgrade of HALF of our rooms, they give us ALL PHOTOS at last!!! - Tips: Rooms in PIC is not very nice, the best thing is the water park if u like swimming and aqua activity. Swimming pool close at 930pm. ), Remember to ask for 1 more breakfast (No need to buy the gold card)!! - For PIC, Royal room is better than Standard room. Standard room is better than Superior Plus room. (Standard room is CHEAPEST!!) NO NEED TO BOOK THE SUPERIOR ROOM OR ROYAL ROOM, THEY WILL UPGRADE U TO ROYAL ROOM EVEN U BOOK THE STANDARD ROOM!!!! (That is what our family did) - The SPA is SUPER GOOD!!!!!!! They have Dream (very light), Fusion (medium, i did it, super good) and Ibu (Stronger force). Please book in advance!! [b:433e166f87]2) Local Agent[/b:433e166f87] - All HK people going to Guam is served by Favour Tour. - When u arrived at Guam, they can arrange the local tour in the afternoon (not necessarily be in the morning as said by co-holiday) - They will have a list of activities which u can join: jet-ski, diving, jumps in the sky, fly the aeroplane. (I tried the aeroplane. Only US190 and u can control the small plane and fly in the sky!! COOL!!) - They are responsible for the legal wedding too and everything done smoothly. I did all doc within an hour!! And they will arrange the Pastor in the afternoon to sign for u. Co-holidays always say we may not be able to do it in one day but no worry, everything is well organised!!! [b:433e166f87]3) Wedding ceremony[/b:433e166f87] - Someone will wait u at lobby and bring u to PIC Salon. Staff of World Bride (a few lady) will serve u and lead u to everything. Service is perfect!! - Only thing is be punctual!! - There is a car to ride us and our guest to the chapel - The hairset and makeup is really GOOD!!! No worry! If your guest want to have makeup too, HKD450 each [b:433e166f87]4) Photos and Video during ceremony[/b:433e166f87] - By Japanese photographer - They will ask u where to stand and what to do. - Quality is good - Read the link http://picasaweb.google.com.hk/107069111279996228191/PicForGuamSlideshow# [b:433e166f87]5) Restaurant[/b:433e166f87] - I change the Bistro Dinner to lunch as we want to eat outside after wedding - I booked the ジョイナスレストランけやき (Joinus Jap Teppenyaki Restaurant) in Tumon Sand Plaza (Tel: 1-671-646-4087). US40-60 per set with Lobster and beef. Quite good!! - The Show dinner in the resturant is ok. Food not so good but the show is fine - The Bistro lunch is very heavy but is good! - There is one Italian restaurant called Cappriciosa opposite to PIC. The squid paste and soup is nice. One paste is enough for 4-6 ppl. Don't order too much [b:433e166f87]6) Hotel[/b:433e166f87] - PIC room is not very good but the waterpark is SUPER!! - Marriott is cheaper but enviornment is more romantic - Nikko and SHeraton is nice too. Sheraton has an infinity pool but no private beach! [b:433e166f87]7) Wedding photos in Guam[/b:433e166f87] - I find Tim and Teresa (http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/GuamGraphic-Arts) and the quality is super good - I took pic after the wedding ceremony so i do not need extra makeup and hair set - I don't suggest to bring own camerman because they don't know which places is good in Guam - It is a must to take the sunset of Guam. Really beautiful - My photos: http://picasaweb.google.com.hk/107069111279996228191/PicForGuamSlideshow# [b:433e166f87] 8) Flight[/b:433e166f87] - Airport to hotel is only 5-10 mins - U can lock ur luggage when u go to Guam. But on the return trip, they check quite seriously. [b:433e166f87]9) Shopping[/b:433e166f87] - The BCBG clothes is really cheap in Guam. I bought some evening gown and is only 70-100US from the shop in Outlet I hope the info is useful for u!! Hope u had a nice wedding in GUAM!![/quote:433e166f87] d相好吾錯呀
  主題: Vincy 泛思 ~ 有無人影過呀? 入o黎傾o下呀~~~
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: Vinsy泛思攝影   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:40 am   主題:
大家知吾知世界之窗同娼紗城的教堂有咩分別? 邊度靚d?
  主題: 各位jm~整相簿~平靚正^^
Shuk Shuk

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pls pm me, thanks!
  主題: 請問有無人知道邊度可以整相簿?
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 其他   發表於: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:35 am   主題:
pls pm me the details, thanks !
  主題: 8度都會海逸-lunch buffet
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 酒店行禮   發表於: Mon May 31, 2010 12:22 pm   主題:
[quote:a5f27d0fc7="strawberry21"]岩岩個星期日去左八度都會海逸度(九龍城)睇婚展,見到個場又新又靚~ 2/F Garden Terrence有outdoor relex既感覺而又唔怕落雨 佢地又比到個好既offer 我地,(送左一個鐘頭free 用埋個泳池影相同註冊) d sales 又好nice,值得一堆~ 雖然本來有意去紅磡都會海逸,雖然未睇個場,但都知道價錢唔平 唔知我地有冇人去過lee 個場睇個或者擺過,比d suggestion 我地呀~ thx thx~[/quote:a5f27d0fc7] 謝謝你分享
  主題: 都會海逸 VS 朗豪 Star Room
Shuk Shuk

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發表版面: 酒店行禮   發表於: Mon May 31, 2010 12:21 pm   主題:
[quote:b06ec31614="Vian*"]都會海逸 VS 朗豪 Star Room,大家點睇呢? 兩個場都睇過,覺得star room 同佢都有privacy。 但係最慘係metropolis 無washroom... 諗住會2011年擺16圍度... 大家有無試過r 到d 乜野offer 呀?分享一下啦~~[/quote:b06ec31614] 兩間都吾錯